All arenas 2 horses max in time slot

Pick your facility:

Arena 1 Clifton lass wh Arena sand arena €20 30 mins
€20 per horse for 30 mins
Arena 2 CLOSED Cross Country €30 per rider maximum 3 riders per hour
The cross country course at Killossery is the schooling venue of choice for riders and competitors of all abilities, from pony clubbers and riding club members to international eventers. No other schooling venue in the country has the variety of fences that are on offer at Killossery, with fences ranging from 70cm and baby banks and ditches, to ‘big boy’ drops and skinnies that would challenge a 3-star eventer. Skull Caps and back protectors are compulsory, you will not be allowed to school on the xc if the correct equipment is not used
Arena 3 1 euro coins required for lights Kruisette Sand Arena course of show jumps €20 per horse 30 min session
Track of showjumping fences, 1 person per 30 minute slot - €20
Arena .4 Jeannie Arena Indoor €20 30 mins
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Arena 5 CLOSED Grass Arena Working Hunter